Monday, December 11, 2006

My daughter just got her own blog. She was so excited when she heard she could get one. So, it would be much appreciated if you could visit her blog at:

She would be so excited if anyone visited her blog. She named the URL ferret fun 101 and her heading is Tails of a Ferret Mom. So as you can see, her blog is all about ferrets seeing as she has 2 of her own. So you can visit that all you want and have a stamp happy day!


Sharlene said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I'm going to start stalking here and see if you post to it! :)


lilsissy said...

Ok girl, you and Sharlene are making me want a blog. The only thing is my life is so boring I don't have anything to write in a blog. hehehe I went and checked out Kelsey's blog and left her a comment. She did good. I love the ferrets.
Hugs to ya

Kelsey said...

I love you Mom!!!

Suzanne J Dean said...

Hi Renee! Just wanted to thankyou for the kind words and sentiments you sent me the other day. They are much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry I wasn't quicker to respond--its just been a crazy, busy week for me.

Thanks again!
Suzanne Dean